Our Story





Experiencing Nordic style Well-Being through Japanese traditional candles



We started this collaboration brand between Japan and Finnish design “WAFIN”, so we can express through the Warosoku, the warmth of the light and the comfort of the candles that we felt in Finland. The flame of the Warosoku can help your heart recover from the busy everyday life.


We want to send you 10 minutes of healing, everyday.



  • サスティナブル:100%植物性でナチュラルな素材
  • 素材から製造までMade In Japan
  • 西洋のろうそくよりも力強く綺麗な炎
  • 室町時代から続く、日本の伝統工芸

Warosoku Value

  • Sustainable:100%plant based natural ingredients
  • Ingredients to manufacture all in Japan
  • Bigger and more beautiful flames than the western counterparts
  • Long lasting Japanese traditional craftsmanship