Artist: Keisuke Haze

櫨佳佑 (Keisuke Haze)

埼玉県川越市を拠点に、日本古来の技法「手掛け製法」で和蝋燭の創作を行うアーティスト。櫨蝋、灯芯、蝋燭の三つの分業から成り立つ和蝋燭。 日本の分業というスタイルを尊重しながら現代の和蝋燭と新たな価値の創造を行う。

A traditional Japanese candle artist based in Kawagoe, Japan. The candle is called Warosoku, they are hand-crafted using the ancient Japanese technique of “Tegake-seiho,” where wax is applied in layers. Warosoku is made by dividing up into specialized labor of wax, wick and the candle making. He aims to create new values for the Waroksu whilst honoring the past traditions.